Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

Nissan Plant – Madison, MS

Roof Flashing Nissan Plant

Fast Track Project with 7.5 miles of Kynar 500 coated perimeter flashing and 3,000,000 SQFT Firestone Ultraply 78 PVC roofing. Bulk complete in 5 months by averaging 30,000 SQFT per day.


Imagine having crews working a mile away from each other and still being in the same building. That was the case in the 3,000,000 SQFT Nissan project. Add a fast-track schedule to a multimillion square foot roof, and you get top crews manning three buildings at a time and averaging 30,000 SQFT of roofing per day. Install 7.5 miles of Kynar 500 coated perimeter roof flashing and you get your own color.


Although the original plan called for 2,000,000 SQFT of roofing, after several expansions, including the Painting Systems 2 building, 3,000,000 SQFT of Firestone Ultraply 78 PVC roofing was installed, along with 7.5 miles of Nissan White Kynar 500 coated perimeter flashing.


All waterproofing work was completed as part of the roofing project.

Special Considerations

In spite of the initial size of the project and the increase in scope by 50% (1,000,000 SQFT), ramped up crews were able to keep up with a sequence of construction by completing an average of 30,000 SQFT of roofing per day and finish on schedule.