Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

National Warmwater Aqua-culture Research Center (NWARC) – Stoneville, MS


The National Warmwater Aqua-culture Research Center, also known as the NWARC, is an extension of Mississippi State University’s fishery research center located in Stoneville, Mississippi. Imagine the challenge faced when we were tasked with not only keeping water contained in the building, but also taking preemptive measures for the possibilities of future leakages caused by bad weather.


Upon initial inspection, we noted a tremendous number of leaks throughout the building, so our first step was to tear down the walls. Secondly, we applied sheeting, and waterproofing for pat channels. Next, we used standing seam roofing with designer series wall panel, as well as an artisan series.


When we work with metals, we’re on top of it. The old NWARC building has a brick ledge that water once poured into, which they don’t have anymore. Appearance wise, the new building is great and you can tell that from a mile away. From the building being full of leaks, to what the beautiful finished product is now, our client is 100% satisfied.