Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

Amite County Vo-Tech Complex – Liberty, MS

Amite County Vocational and Technical Complex is a high school, grades 9th-12th, in Liberty, MS.

This is a McElroy Metals 238T metal over metal recover system. Prior to attaching the new standing seam roof, we installed a 3″ flute filler, a 1.5″ iso, and a peel & stick underlayment over the existing metal roof. We also installed all new wall panels along with new gutters and downspouts. All of the panels were formed on-site, including the 100ft sections.

We made brand new curbs for the rooftop equipment, including new curbs for the 12 new skylight domes that were installed.

The existing TPO roof was replaced with a Polyglass Modified roof.