Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant – Port Gibson, MS

Durolast Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant
200,000 SQFT of roofing. Included reactor building with heavy security systems and clearances. Multiple restrictions on roofing and equipment, very tight turnaround and limited access to work.


It’s not often that the FBI requires background checks on a roofing project, and state-of-the-art security and government clearance for every worker isn’t usually a requirement. When you are roofing a nuclear power plant, though, the rules change. Not only was this a high-security job, it was also a major push job. This 200,000 SQFT of roofing job was completed on 12 different roofing levels in 45 working days.


A Durolast single-ply system was installed for most of the 200,000 SQFT facility. The 120-foot air-tight reactor building could not be drilled. To waterproof the reactor building, a Durolast vapor barrier was installed and ballasted with a Hanover interlocking paver system.


All waterproofing work was completed as part of the roofing project.

Special Considerations

In addition to the tight time frame, work had to be completed within predetermined intervals when the reactor would be shut down. Additionally, security requirements forbid the use of fire or gas, and no vehicles were allowed on the premises. In spite of all restrictions and time added by security precautions, the entire project was completed in 45 working days.